IBF/19 conference (27 & 28 March 2019) will include:

  • a plenary session and 12 thematic workshops with presentations given by ITER Organization, Domestic Agencies and their main suppliers
  • in parallel, 1-1 meetings scheduled on line in advance by participants themselves
  • an industrial and R&D exhibition
  • for networking purpose, a welcome reception on 26 March in the evening and a congress dinner on 27 March at the Popes’ Palace (optional).

You will find hereunder the provisional programme of the conference.

Attendance rules: we kindly ask you to pre-register. The organization team will examine your request with regard to your company profile. A confirmation e-mail will be sent after receipt of your payment as well as your invoice.

General information: the congress will be conducted in English, the official language of the ITER project. With the exception of ITER Organization and Domestic Agencies’ staff members, each participant has to pay a registration fee.

Contacts: for any additional questions you may have in relation to the organization of this event please contact us at the following e-mail address: info@iterbusinessforum.com

one to one

1-1 meetings: consists of either individual “Business to Business” (B2B) meetings between interested industrial companies or “Business to Customer” (B2C) meetings between interested companies and ITER Organization or Domestic Agencies’ staff members. The organization of 1-1 meetings is based on two principles:

  • On-line Registration, by completing the registration form and company presentation form. All registered companies will get a private access to the 1-1 meetings platform.
  • Scheduling of the 1-1 meetings on line, by participants themselves, via the 1-1 meetings platform. This will allow companies, from the beginning of February to mid-March, to ask for business appointments, based on company profiles and on the principle of mutual acceptance.

After confirmation of your registration and your payment on line, you will be invited to complete (if needed) your company presentation form, which enables other companies to identify your areas of business and skills. You will be able to choose the time slots convenient for you depending on your specific program. Then you will receive a message informing you that the 1-1 meetings scheduling process has started. (1-1 meetings will be held from 26 March in the afternoon to 28 March 2019).

thematic session

Thematic sessions: will mainly consist of presentations by ITER Organization and F4E technical experts on several topics. They will also include short presentations from the main suppliers to ITER Organization and Domestic Agencies (Rank 1). The aim is to facilitate contacts with potential partners or subcontractors at the European or international level. Companies registered for the 1-1 meetings will be able to register on line for the thematic sessions of their choice, via the platform.

Conference programme and participants: